Children's Mental Health & Wellness

Unwavering support for the potential of all individuals.


The Children’s Mental Health & Wellness Division offers an array of services and supports designed to promote the health and wellness of children and their families.


Services are for individuals up to 21 years of age with or who are at risk of developing a mental health diagnosis and are always free, voluntary, family-driven, strength-based, and culturally competent with location and scheduling tailored to each family’s needs. Services are usually home and community based but can also occur in the office or any other site comfortable for the child and/or family.


We provide support for individuals with mental and/or behavioral health issues and their family. Our programs promote resiliency through therapy services, rehabilitation services and family peer support services via the utilization of support groups, individualized action plans, home visits, respite services, and community resources and referrals.



For referral and general inquiries, please contact:


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