Prevention & Community Engagement

Building stronger Long Island communities, together.


FCA’s Prevention & Community Engagement division focuses on providing Long Island youth with the language, tools, and skills needed to become prevention-minded, civically engaged, socially conscious, and successful.


Our division is made up of skilled substance use and violence prevention professionals who work collaboratively with community partners from all 12 sectors of community to provide services and evidence-based training for individuals, families, and schools, as well as community partners. 


Prevention & Community Engagement Programs


Hempstead Prevention Coalition

The Hempstead Prevention Coalition connects the most influential and trusted voices in the Village of Hempstead to combat substance misuse and promote a safer, healthier community.

Contact (516) 736-6803


Roosevelt Prevention Coalition (RPC)

We are a group of organizations and passionate leaders devoted to making Roosevelt a safer and healthier community. Roosevelt Prevention Coalition (RPC) is dedicated to reducing youth alcohol and substance use through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Contact (516) 509-3366


SNUG- Gun Violence Reduction Initiative

SNUG, "guns" spelled backwards, works alongside Hempstead community members to promote gun violence reduction and foster the change of community norms and behaviors.

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1223


OVS Social Work Initiative

Our goal is to bridge the service gap between community members that have been impacted by crime or violence and the state Office of Victim Services (OVS). This innovative partnership between DCJS and OVS works to promote healing and resiliency in individuals and families, specifically those of color, by empowering them to address the trauma they have endured and improving their access to victim services.

Phone: (516) 485-4289 x 1102


Prevention Team

The FCA Prevention Team focuses on families and individuals with a holistic and wellness approach. We provide education, support and counseling for families and youth at risk for substance use disorder. 

Phone: (516) 486-7200


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