May Recovery Month Recoveree

by Mary K. CRPA Thrive Suffolk 

Hello! My name is Mary K, I am a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate/Recovery Coach. I have been with FCA for 9 months and am the Housing Peer for THRIVE Suffolk. I have been in this field for 5 years, and absolutely love this career. I have the honor of meeting participants where they are at by working “boots on the ground”. I meet with participants as they are transitioning out of treatment, into sober living environments, supporting them in early recovery and introducing them to all that’s offered at THRIVE. 


I first met Harry in early March, at one of the sober living houses that I engage with weekly.  Harry asked if I would support him on his recovery journey. Harry had learned of THRIVE from one of his housemates. He was also told of my offering 1v1 recovery coach services to anyone that needed support, from one of my previous participants. Harry told me that he needed support with a SPA application, SCAT bus application, and support while he filled out a SNAP application. Harry also asked if I would support him while he located a new primary physician. In the next few visits with Harry, He accomplished everything he wanted to, and more. I listened to what Harry used to be like when he was in active addiction. I am now able to give Harry my full support as he navigates his way through early recovery. I always informed and invited the men at Harrys sober house to visit THRIVE and was so excited when Harry asked if he could attend our St. Paddy’s Day dinner. I watched as Harry stepped out of his comfort zone and interacted with other participants at our event.  Harry began to attend different groups and events at THRIVE. Harry said he is so comfortable in his recovery, and becoming a THRIVE member, that he has even signed up for a fishing trip (by himself) with “THRIVE Everywhere”!  

Harry is moving forward in his recovery and recently told me he is learning how to “have fun in recovery and enjoy his life”. Harry has said that he is very grateful to have a recovery coach supporting him through early recovery. Harry recently told me that he feels that he would not have been able to make the strides that he has, had he not had a recovery coach there supporting him. Harry is currently looking for employment. He is  looking into permanent housing and making plans to re-unite with his fiancé and baby boy. Harry is attending an out-patient and he is attending THRIVE weekly.  He is totally engaged in his recovery, and has asked if I could continue to support him, until he has a little more support from his peers. I have watched Harry grow just in the short time I’ve been supporting him. Harry told me he is grateful to THRIVE and for the support he has received. He said that he finally has the skills and ability to become the man he always wanted to be.  


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