Recovery Story of the Month - April 2023


Hi my name is Mike H. and on October 1st 2022 I attempted suicide due to numerous things including alcohol. I ended up in the psychiatric ward at NUMC for two months. Two weeks prior to being discharged Rebekah from Sherpa came to NUMC to sit down and speak to me. Rebekah mentioned THRIVE as a safe place for me to come hang out and get the support I need when I re-enter the community. The weeks after being discharged were the hardest times for me as I was learning to cope with my mental illness in a new and healthy way.


This is where THRIVE and Sherpa came in to play. I decided to make a trip to THRIVE and loved it. Being able to speak to my peers and have access to counseling whenever I need it has been a game changer in my recovery. Due to THRIVE and Sherpa I’ve come to embrace my recovery and work hard at it one day at a time. I also attend EDNY outpatient often in my THRIVE sweatshirt and hat. I was recently asked by the director of EDNY to speak with some of their other clients about THRIVE and all their services they provide for people in recovery or seeking recovery.


I’d like to thank all the people that have assisted me in my recovery and look forward to my future with family and friends. I would like people to know who are in similar situations as myself that THRIVE and Sherpa are here to help and support people like myself in sustaining and maintaining recovery.