Recovery Story of the Month: August 2022

Every participant who walks through the doors of THRIVE Recovery and Outreach Center has their own unique journey of recovery.


A participant who comes to mind is a woman who I have seen learn and grow so much in our short time working together. She was referred to us through another participant. She was originally seeing another coach but felt the need to switch to a female due to a controlling partner. When we had our first one-on-one session, it was clear her self-esteem and self-worth were incredibly low with the negative thoughts she expressed about herself. She went through a rollercoaster of emotions in that session, and she wasn’t sure how to cope with all of them. Each time we met, the tears became less and less. Her smile now shined with positivity.


She began attending THRIVE’s programming such as Yoga, Spiritual Healing Workshop, Reiki Healing Workshop, and Codependents & the 12 Steps among others. In these groups, she developed a support system for herself of others who want to see her flourish. We have been working on achieving each goal she set out to accomplish on her Wellness Recovery Plan. One goal was for her to find a new job, but she felt stuck, stressed and thought that would never be able to happen for her. Shortly after, she was very proud to show me the resume she had worked on to make that goal a reality!


The progress and determination towards her recovery is truly inspiring. She has been open-minded and extremely willing to do anything suggested that may benefit her recovery thus far. Some of the coping skills she now incorporates into her everyday life include meditation, post-it’s with positive affirmations, journaling and gratitude lists. The woman who sits before me in sessions now has developed self-acceptance, self-worth and boundaries she is no longer willing to lose. We have even discussed the possibility of her volunteering to run her own peer group in the future!


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