Recovery Story of the Month: February 2023

As a Recovery Peer Advocate, it is an amazing honor to be a part of someone’s recovery journey.


Not long ago, a woman called THRIVE at almost 2 months sober, struggling to not drink. She did not have any tools in place and expressed she was on the brink of reoccurrence but, was she was willing to listen and stay open to utilize any resources given to her. This individual was in a very unhealthy relationship and her self-care was on the back burner for so long that she needed to learn what brought her joy.


She began attending different groups, events, and fellowship meetings here at THRIVE. Shortly after, she began sharing, opening, and connecting with new people in recovery. All of this helped her build her self-esteem and empowered her to get rid of the negative in her life.


Over time, she added a sponsor, therapist, psychiatrist, and supportive friends to build her sober support network.


This woman now regularly attends many of the groups offered at THRIVE including Yoga, Tai Chi Gung, and Weekly Affirmations. Her self-esteem has blossomed greatly which empowered her to leave that very unhealthy relationship. There are now boundaries in place in her life that she didn’t have prior to this journey. I am so grateful to have crossed this individual’s path and to have witnessed her growth.


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