Recovery Story of the Month: March 2022

Hi I'm Evan, a THRIVE participant and I'd like to share my experience at THRIVE. I first heard about THRIVE while at Seafield inpatient in West Hampton. While I was in Seafield, Stephanie from THRIVE made a presentation and made everyone aware of the free peer services offered at the THRIVE offices in Hauppauge and Westbury. When I left the inpatient facility, I went to THRIVE to see the place in person and found a friendly staff and a welcoming environment.


I learned about the various groups and activities that THRIVE hosted on site - such as fellowship meetings, open mic nights, general support groups and Sober Bowl sports viewing events. I noticed that all modalities of recovery are supported and encouraged by THRIVE.


I was curious about the Recovery Coach that THRIVE offered, so I made an appointment with Dimitri as soon as possible. We immediately crafted a recovery plan and Dimitri shared resources with me which helped me build on my strengths - that was very helpful early on in my recovery. I continue to attend support groups at THRIVE and am happy to be a member.