Recovery Story of the Month: May 2021

Meet Charlie.

"My name is Charlie W. and I am a recove20210513_155723(0).jpgring heroin addict. My addiction started with pain medication after I was in a motorcycle accident. The pain medication was soon not enough, so I started using heroin. Due to heroin use I started to suffer from depression and all I wanted to do was use. I lost my job, home, car, family, and my desire to live. All I wanted to do was give up on life.

In 2013, I was convicted of burglary and sentenced to seven years in prison. My addiction got worse and I just didn’t care about life. My mental health battles worsened. I even attempted suicide numerous times. I was released from prison in June of 2020. I was afraid of life. I was violent. I was depressed and full of anxiety. Coming home from prison was very stressful because it was all I knew.

I came to FCA’s Family Treatment & Recovery Center in September 2020 as a person with no cares, hope, trust, or fear. I was used to people not caring about me, but then I met Marian and Denise. They taught me that I did not have to be afraid to trust people and that life is a beautiful gift. They never judged me or turned their backs on me.

I have now been with FCA for eight months and my life has completely changed. Their Anger Management program is great, and I am no longer violent.  Most of all, I don’t live in fear. I’ve learned that there are people out there that truly care for me. My heart and soul are no longer dark, and it is all due to the people at FCA.

FCA saved my life.

Thank you, Nick, for providing the Anger Management program.  

Thank you, Marian, my counselor, for all of the support.

Thank you, Denise, for the motivation.

I am now six months opiate-free and love my life. My new life is awesome and I enjoy living it!"

-Charlie W., FCA Family Treatment & Recovery Center Participant