Recovery Story Month: November 2020

Highlighting accounts of our Addiction Prevention, Treatment & Recovery clients and their journeys towards a strong and healthy future. 

Meet Crystal. Below is a firsthand account of recovery and the pathway to a life untethered by the grips of addiction and substance use.  Through her determination and commitment to recovery, strengthened by the guidance of FCA services and supports, Crystal shares her success story in hopes of inspiring others on the road to a better life.

"My name is Crystal Bardis and I am a recovering heroin addict. My addiction started from pain medication I was prescribed following a car accident. Eventually the pain medication was not enough for me and I started using heroin. I couldn’t work due to my accident injuries, so I began to sell my pain medication to support my heroin addiction, and then eventually started selling that as well. Two years ago, I was arrested and charged with 2 Felony counts for sales. During arraignment, the judge gave me the option of either gcrystal recovery story before and after image.jpgoing to prison or getting clean. My lawyer advised me to go to treatment, so I went on his advice.

When I first started treatment at FCA, I kept using. I had been down this road before of detox and relapse and figured this time would be the same. It had gotten to a point where I again was presented with an option, this time from the team at FCA. The suggestion was to go to a higher level of care because I could not stop using or explore medication options. That same day I received my first injection of Vivitrol and it changed my life. I was able to stay off all opiates and attend outpatient treatment as it was designed for me. I went to group and individual counseling as scheduled and I am happy to say that I have been clean and sober for the last 21 months. The help I received from all the group counselors at FCA and my individual counselor Nick (the best counselor ever!) has helped me stay focused on my recovery. I have been able to explore my issues and was even supported through COVID quarantine. Recovery has given me so much, especially the ability to rebuild relationships with my family. If I were still using, that would have never been possible. My family has gotten to know me again. I’VE gotten to know me again. Without the help of the FCA staff I would have never made it through. I heard that when I finally completed treatment the team cheered for me and that made me feel so special. Everyone at FCA has been so supportive and gotten me through my sobriety and I am beyond grateful. My recovery journey has been amazing, and I look forward to what the future holds for me!"

-Crystal B., FCA Addiction Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery Services participant