Recovery Story of the Month: October 2021

Highlighting accounts of our Addiction Prevention, Treatment & Recovery clients and their journeys towards a strong and healthy future.

Below is a firsthand account of recovery and the pathway to a life untethered by the grips of addiction and substance abuse.  Through an individual's determination and commitment to recovery, strengthened by the support and guidance of FCA, a success story is shared in hopes of inspiring others on the road to a better place.

My Recovery Journey

My name is Brianna.  My challenging journey began quite some time ago at the age of 13 when I had my very first drink of alcohol in the park with some friends. We had asked someone to buy us a 12-pack of Budweiser. I cracked one open, took my first sip, and certainly enjoyed it. By the end of the night, the entire 12-pack was gone and I was feeling good. The cops were called and I narrowly escaped being arrested for underage drinking and drinking in public.shutterstock_552655030.jpg

I grew up in an alcoholic setting and was always in the presence of addiction. I got used to it as the years went on. I drank a great deal of alcohol, and drank it often. This continued throughout my teenage years. I drank on weekends, at parties, at family gatherings, at friends' houses and never turned down a night of drinking out in town. I knew that I enjoyed having a drink, but never knew what it was doing to me- it was killing me slowly as the years went on. It brought me to a very dark and scary place.   There were many time where it was not so fun and took me places where I never wanted to be and a person I never wanted to become.  However, I still did not think that I could possibly have a drinking problem.

I went from having a social drink growing up to simply destroying myself and everyone/everything around me. It was very difficult to come to terms with myself and the fact that I was an alcoholic struggling with addiction. I also mixed in some drugs along the way.

I drank for 16 years straight. It took a lot out of me over this time. I even came close to killing myself.  But one day, I finally made a decision to acknowledge my illness and call recognize myself as an alcoholic after all this time. I had to make a life altering change and get myself the help that I needed. I needed to make the choice to stop drinking and to stop hurting myself. I went through a hell to get where I am today.

On December 8th, 2020 I had my final drink.  This is my sober date. On December 14, 2020 I entered into rehab for 28 days. This was a terrifying day, but I did it and I conquered my fears. This was the best gift that I could have given myself. It was now time for me to live a healthier and better life for myself. It was hard at first to make that choice to start my journey on the road to recovery, but I pulled through and I am here to tell you about it.

Today, I am a recovering alcoholic and nine months sober without one slip or drink. I now have a clear mindset and a beautiful life. I have a life to look forward to. I am strong, wise, and worthy of living in this crazy world. I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished. I could not have done it without the help, love, and support of so many people- my FCA family, my own family, and my partner who I met in recovery that I now proudly call my fiancé and soulmate.

My future is bright and glowing with a sober mind, body, soul and spirit.

There is a lot in store for me and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I have my life back and I could not be more proud of who I am today and excited to see where life will take me. The sky is the limit. I am going to follow my dreams and make it happen!

One day at a time. -Bri