DEI Council

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to FCA’s mission. Having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas and approaches to solve Long Island’s complex societal problems and helps us to better serve an increasingly diverse community.
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We’ve always infused these values into our internal culture, systems and practices and we haven’t been shy about sharing our commitments publicly. It’s a responsibility all FCA trustees, staff and volunteers share and carry as the humanity of our organization.

FCA launched its DEI Council in the summer of 2020, in response to agency-wide conversations to discuss the civil unrest and discourse that was occurring across the country and in our local communities.

The Council is a cross-sectional group of staff and trustees whose mission is to increase organizational capacity and community impact by embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a foundational pillar throughout FCA’s structure and framework.

What we’ve done – and are doing

  • Our Dining with Diversity series brings in leading experts for engaging, learning discussions around topics such as:
    • Dispelling misperceptions among the deaf community
    • Providing affirming care for gender-expansive people
    • Delivering trauma-informed care for clients who have recently migrated to the United States
    • Learning about different cultures and customs during observance months
    • Engaging the abilities of people with disabilities
  • Instituted a bias in hiring training for all FCA leadership, department managers and DEI Council members.
  • Created staff training video, How to Start the Conversation around DEI.
  • Continuously review and update FCA policies and procedures to ensure an inclusive and equitable approach to our work – including division-led trainings to eliminate unintended bias in clinical notations and case management.
  • Partner with health systems and community-based organizations to host year-round wellness fairs, mobile health clinics, educational conferences, screenings and referral programs.
  • Conduct robust social media campaigns to foster both internal and external education and awareness during cultural and societal issue observance months (e.g., Black History month, Women’s History month, Pride month, Gun Violence Prevention month, Hispanic Heritage month, etc.).
  • Create and share Humans of FCA staff video vignettes to foster a culture of inclusion and cohesion across the organization.
  • Develop and roll out DEI Ambassador program.
  • Expand ongoing staff training/refreshers on DEI principles to foster and improve culture building.
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