Health Insurance Information, Counseling and Assistance Program

FCA can help you navigate through the health care options available to seniors.

Our Program

Help is available to screen for Medicare Savings Programs, NY State EPIC Program for prescription drugs, and Medicare Part D for prescriptions.

Let us help you choose the best Medicare plan that fits your individual needs!

Learn more about HIICAP from the New York State Office of Aging.


Medicare Minute

Quick “one minute” reads on our HIICAP program and the services that it offers to our community.

Get Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment Season:
Free Medicare Open Enrollment Assistance Through FCA

HIICAP (Health Insurance Information Counseling Assistance Program) is a free service designed to empower people with Medicare (or about to become eligible for Medicare) on how to make decisions to navigate the Medicare system. We have no affiliation with health insurance companies, agents, or brokers. Our only aim is to inform beneficiaries and their families of the best health insurance options available to them. Our number is 516-485-3754, call us today!


Sandra O’Neill
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