Corporate Leader Council

Giving is Good Business

When your organization integrates social responsibility into the culture, everybody wins. Teams get stronger. Employee morale improves. And everyone begins to understand the profound importance of helping others.

FCA’s Corporate Leader Council is made up of business professionals who are passionate about FCA’s mission and understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and the work done by FCA to tangibly impact people’s lives daily. The Council supports this mission by assisting FCA’s leadership and Board members to engage with corporations who will financially support FCA’s mission. Corporate Leader Council members engage in collaboration with FCA’s leadership to direct them to interested businesses, both local and national, to help find efficient and effective ways to improve the lives of FCA’s clients. Council members will work together and utilize a strategically developed approach to securing funds, provided by FCA’s leadership.

The Council plays a strategic role in developing awareness of FCA’s programs and providing opportunities for FCA’s growth to support overall goals. Donor dollars fill critical gaps in government funding and allow us to pilot new programs that respond to community needs.

What Our Leaders Do

  • EAttend Corporate Leader networking and Council meetings.
  • EEngage in volunteer service with FCA, which can include friends, family or colleagues that are facilitated by the Council member.
  • EConduct CSR activities that will introduce and engage new corporate contacts to FCA’s work.
  • EDiscuss outreach and initiatives to corporations and potential corporate sponsors, to be presented to the Board, semi-annually.
  • EWork with FCA staff and Board in planning and conducting outreach and donor cultivation.
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