Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Aug 26, 2022 | Happenings, News

Garden City, N.Y., August 26, 2022 – Happy Women’s Equality Day! Read this message from our President & CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds:

“On August 26, 1920, after decades of hard-fought advocacy, women won the right to vote, moving America once step closer to living out our sacred ideal that all people are created equal and should be treated as such. As we mark the anniversary of the 19th Amendment today, it’s important to highlight the incredible strides we’ve made in advancing the status of women and girls, but it’s critical that we re-double our efforts to close the persistent gaps in health care, wage equality, access to childcare, educational opportunities and professional advancement. Gender-based violence remains all-too-common and we know that women of color, those who identify as being LBTQ, low-income women and those with disabilities struggle under the weight of bias, discrimination and injustice.

I’m proud that FCA has embraced women’s equality today on Women’s Equality Day, but also everyday through our work in homes and communities across Long Island. I’m thankful for the women who helped found FCA 140 years ago and I’m inspired by the strong, determined women who help lead the organization today on our Board of Trustees, our management team and across all agency programs.

That work happens quietly and without fanfare – both in personal and professional settings, but please know that each kind act makes things a little better for our daughters, granddaughters and the generations of women and girls to come.  Thanks for all you do.”

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