Recovery Month Stories Inspire

hands in2.jpgIn light of National Recovery Month, FCA and THRIVE would like to share some of our stories of recovery as a source of motivation, hope, and courage.

We hope these accounts provide strength for all those currently faced with or who have a loved one in or aiming towards recovery. We are all in this together.

Meet Sarah. This individual encountered FCA’s Sherpa program in December 2019 at St. Joseph’s Hospital. She did not commit fully at first and was an on and off again participant. It was not until her grandmother was participating in our Family Support Navigation Services that she also decided to reengage with Sherpa in May 2020. Starting with a one-on-one session and progressing from there, it became apparent that Sarah’s motivation and desire to obtain her recovery goals were increasing over time. She was able to begin addressing long standing health concerns and set her well-being as a new priority. She returned to work and started to build a foundation of support with one of her supervisors and other close friends. During Sarah’s last follow up in August 2020, she was doing well tackling her personal recovery goals and remained abstinent, coping healthily. She did have concerns regarding loneliness and grief as a result of her recent divorce but has been able to build familial relationships and other supports at FCA and within her life to continue down her road to recovery and the life she deserves.

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Meet Robert. This individual first encountered our Sherpa team back in February 2020 during an engagement at his drug court appearance. His family at the time believed he was one-year substance-free. However, this was not the case, and he eventually notified them of his relapse. Three months later, he called Sherpa to say he had decided to tell his family the truth, and since began a detox program. He thereafter completed inpatient treatment and began participating in outpatient treatment. Robert kept in frequent contact with Sherpa as he began his journey to complete outpatient treatment and maintain a substance-free lifestyle. Robert has since successfully continued with his outpatient and has completed drug court.

Meet Alex. This individual connected with our THRIVE staff initially through a virtual Recovery Support Group earlier this year.  While detoxing from ongoing heroin use, Alex was seeking help and support.  THRIVE connected Alex to our Sherpa program where a peer navigator was immediately able to start making connections and have Alex admitted to a local inpatient substance abuse treatment facility. The recoveree progressed from there, eventually moving on to outpatient care. Over a short period of time, Alex has been able to since return to work and begin a methadone program. He continues to this day to participate in a variety of THRIVE services and recovery sessions.

For others like Alex, Robert and Sarah, please know that you are not alone. Contact FCA's Addiction Prevention, Treatment & Recovery Division today!

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