Recovery Story Month: March 2021

Hello! My name is Anna Maria, and I am a recovering alcoholic. That is how I introduce myself at meetings. If someone were to have told me a couple months ago that I would be attending meetings and be a part of a community at Thrive Recovery Center, I would have said, “No way, I got this”.

Well, let me tell you where my “I got this” attitude lead me. Over ten years of addiction filled with horrible blackouts, hangovers, mistakes, guilt, regret and shame. Followed by the famous words of every addict, “Never Again”. Havifemale looking out ATR.jpgng family and friends watch me on a downward spiral, unable to help me because I wasn’t ready to help myself. I would wake up after an all nighter or a binge. The one thing I could never do was look at myself in the mirror.

 Letting go of “I got this” mentality was the best choice of my life. Even to go as far as to say it saved my life. As an addict you may feel alone but you are not! When I started asking for help from others, it surprised me how welcoming the Thrive Community was; so helpful and welcoming! This has given me the strength to find my true self and face my addiction head on.

Thrive is not just a Recovery community and outreach center; for myself and others in need it becomes a second home or to some, a home they never had. Very different from the same old outpatient office, which feels like a stuffy and gloomy doctors office. The Thrive Center is filled with life! From the orange square chairs, warm oak toned floors and aqua green walls. Thrive screams hope and positivity!

I guarantee you will find a meeting this is meant for you. The volunteers host meetings on zoom and in person. Most important foundation meetings for me in my recovery have been 12 step fellowship meetings, Reiki Energy healing, yoga, guided meditations and fellowship! The groups teach you how to find your inner peace and to prepare yourself for the outside world stresses. The fellowship hangouts is a chill atmosphere with good sober people to talk to.

The heart and soul of Thrive are the volunteers. Always kind, patient, caring and understanding. They are not just Peer Advocate’s who can identify with you, but they become friends. I know for a fact I could not survive recovery alone. So, thank you to my Peer advocate and the rest of the volunteers at Thrive.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. There are so many resources and positive people who understand what you’re going through. I can wake up today, look at myself in the mirror and proudly say, “I am Anna Maria a recovering alcoholic and I accept who I am!”. With the combination of the Community Center, Recovery Coaches, volunteers and the willingness to get better, we all can THRIVE together in Recovery!